Recreational Event by Event at Somewhere Cafe Gate-2

13 Mar

The satisfaction that we get after watching our customers wear the merchandise manufactured by us unbeatable to be honest. Also this is our first blog, so this might suck, stick with us for a bit longer, we won't disappoint you guys.

Handing out 

everyone an empty white T-Shirt to draw on, was like an experience itself for us only to be honest, people rushing for the sketches, the more the colors the better, people drawing, looking at each other's work, all this got us so happy, that we actually made around 30-40 people laugh for some time and made those 10 minutes of their life meaningful, even though it was not much big of a achievement, but this was satisfaction for the team TeeeClan, and i just can't stay shut keeping everyone away from feeling what we felt that day.

Thanks everyone for being  a part of the TeeeClan Family.

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